About us

Megan Standish
Independent Service/Therapy Dog Trainer
Founder & Head Trainer

Retired Army Captain Megan Standish was injured serving her country in Iraq.  Among other injuries, her resulting Traumatic Brain Injury causes seizures.  The impact, both physical and psychological, of going from commanding a group of 400 soldiers one day to being unable to be left alone for any length of time was life-changing.

During her recovery, Megan was “introduced” to Therapy and Service dogs, experiencing their dramatic effect. “Saving Grace” (Gracye) was Megan’s first seizure alert dog and is aptly named as she has restored Megan’s independence and peace of mind to her family.

Triumphant Tails was born out of Megan’s passion for bringing the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy to others.  She and Gracye started as a Therapy Dog team at area hospitals, nursing homes, and military locations. In 2009, they added a second seizure alert dog, Ava, to the family as a retiring Gracye’s “replacement in training”.

Today Megan and Triumphant Tails train Service, Therapy, and Companion dogs for the young and not-so-young living with disabilities such as PTSD, mobility issues, and autism in addition to training new Therapy Dog Teams.

Ava, Gracie, and Megan also work as a Therapy Dog team in children’s and military hospitals and reading programs.


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