Triumphant Tails is proud to have worked with great dogs and handlers.  Here are just a few of our success stories:



Emma is a rescued Flat Coated Retriever working for an 8-year-old autistic girl.  Emma is task trained for proprioceptive input, sensory alert and remediation, as well as search and rescue.

“The whole process of Emma becoming part of our family has been life changing.  Working with Megan at Triumphant Tails has been an amazing experience.  We couldn't be happier with the results we have seen from Emma for our daughter.  Megan's skills with training dogs are seconded only by her abilities in connecting with special needs individuals such as our daughter in a way that has developed her confidence and social skills that we never anticipated out of the process.  We are really happy we chose Triumphant Tails.  From our first interview onward, Megan has gone above and beyond our expectations.”


Sgt Cameron returned from a 12-month tour in Iraq suffering from TBI and PTSD stemming from a series of roadside bombs that erupted next to his vehicle when he was serving in Iraq in 2006. Physical injuries to his back, knees and ankles add to his challenges.

Sgt Cameron returned from a 12-month tour in Iraq suffering from TBI and PTSD stemming from a series of roadside bombs that erupted next to his vehicle when he was serving in Iraq in 2006. Physical injuries to his back, knees and ankles add to his challenges.

Getting a Service Dog has helped Sgt Cameron in ways he never imagined. He’s more comfortable leaving the post. He’s gaining confidence in working with civilians. Sgt Cameron now refers to Harper as his “battle buddy.” But this time the battle is transitioning into life after the army. “Soldiering is all I have ever known,” says Cameron, “I can’t soldier anymore and, like a lot of guys like me, it’s scary leaving the army.” 

Sgt Cameron's PTSD manifests itself in anger and anxiety, causing Sgt Cameron to cut off people and sabotage relationships. Harper provides as much emotional support as physical support. “Now that I have Harper in my life, I just look at him and he puts a smile on my face. Knowing all the things he can do for me — his non-judgmental companionship.” In terms of everyday tasks, Harper is trained to help Sgt Cameron keep track of everyday necessities such as keys, wallet, cell phone and medications, things he misplaces frequently; open doors and refrigerators; and perform “crowd control” to prevent anxiety. Sgt Cameron describes Harper in glowing terms as a “wonderful tool and companion” and a complete “sponge who loves to work.” Not to mention “a free spirit,” a “lover,” and “so darn good looking."
The bond between Sgt Cameron and Harper goes deeper than he ever expected. “In combat, you can’t go anywhere alone. You don’t go anywhere without your battle buddy. In civilian life, my service dog is my battle buddy. Harper goes everywhere I go.”

"I was in a slump for a while—I was low on friends, I missed deployment, I hated meeting new people,” explains Sgt Cameron, “But Harper has brought me out of my shell. I’m back doing stuff I used to do before. That may not seem like a big thing to most people, but Megan and Harper have given me my life back”


"Before Jake's arrival, I had the daily tasks of assisting my husband in getting out of bed, putting on and removing Rick's socks, shoes and brace. I picked up anything he dropped on the floor, made sure he took his medication, and even helped him in and out of bed on bad days. Now that Jake is part of our family, these tasks and many others have changed from my hand to his loving paws. Jake is simply amazing! He opens and closes doors and can retrieve anything you ask him to. When the alarm goes off he even retrieves and delivers Rick's medications. Of equal importance is the psychological impact Jake has had on Rick. He wakes Rick every morning with big kisses, which puts a smile on his face at the start of our days. He is such an amazing and loving dog. I can't thank you enough for what this Service Dog is doing for our family. My husband and I have gone more places in the last 6 days then we did in the past 6 months!"


"After my accident, I was very depressed, I didn't want to see anyone or do anything. I felt like my life was over...until Megan and Ranger came into my life. I started out doing AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) a few times a week and my parents and I realized how much better I felt during and after Megan worked with me. Megan found and trained Ranger, my Service Dog, and he won't let me 'veg out' on the couch or stay in bed all day. He brings a toy and insists I play with him and every time I reach for him, he jumps away so I have to get up and play with him. He is relentless in his efforts to get me up, moving and out of the house! Megan & Ranger have helped me get some of my life back."


"Rebel has significantly changed the quality of my life. He reminds me to take many medications throughout the day at their proper intervals. He helps me to overcome social agoraphobia (fear of the onset of a panic attack and appearing distraught in public), hyper-vigilance and flashbacks that previously left me reclusive much of the time. His constant presence enables me to be more of who I used to be - a confident, vibrant and fun-loving person."


"My son is profoundly autistic, non-verbal, has an extremely difficult time adjusting to any new surroundings and has poor balance and coordination, just to name a few of his issues. My husband and I had considered getting a Service Dog but were extremely frustrated by the wait to get a dog (normally 2-3 years) and the cost was extremely prohibitive. A few organizations even required us to return the dog when it retired before we could get another one! How could we give up the dog that has done so much for us?! When we heard about Megan and sat down with her for our initial consultation, we knew she was the one we wanted to work with our son. She made us feel extremely helpful, she was easy to talk to and made us feel very comfortable. She was very up front about what would be expected from us and because she trains rescue dogs and works as an independent trainer so the cost was much more manageable and she did everything possible to try and save us money. She also worked very closely with our family so we were involved in the training process, which allowed us to learn how to handle our dog and practice with her so we felt completely comfortable adding Sarah to our family. Sarah has been a lifesaver for us...literally! Our son follows Sarah everywhere, she helps calm him down when he throws a fit as well as allowing him to go out to different places because of the calming effect Sarah has with him. I didn't realize how much of a difference Sarah would make until I saw the changes in our son almost immediately. Sarah is our lifesaver and we consider Megan to be our angel!